The key to our success in the South African and African marketplace has been because of our insistence to mould the business around a single word and its meaning:


velocity is not just a word. It forms our mission statement, our culture and our differentiator. Developing innovative business processes and positioning ourselves in markets that are not typically associated with speed and quality of service has been our key value proposition to customers.

From an initial focus on hardware supply only back in 2007, velocity group is now a regional technology supply, services and cloud computing company with reach and relationships into over 16 African countries.

Our strategic ties with vendors, distribution partners, consultants and customers has shaped the velocity group’s unique business model and management style.

This enables the velocity group to assist you in all facets of your technology supply and journey into the cloud.


_Solutions Offerings_

We are able to draw on talented people from all relevant industries in order to combine skill, knowledge and market presence. The direct benefits of this are immediately felt by our clients, making us a preferred partner to assist them in meeting their business objectives.

_Into the Cloud_

Private Cloud is not virtualization, but virtualization is the first step in the Cloud journey. To effectively create a private Cloud for your organization, you need to create an infrastructure that is not only flexible, but also automated.


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