• Jonathan Kropf

Business Unusual

With South Africa forced into a COVID 19 lockdown situation for 21 days, questions abound as to what this means for businesses and specifically technology departments.

In nature there is a pretty simple concept. Whenever there is a vacuum, it will inevitably be filled. Nature tries to force it. Thats why air flows between high pressure and low pressure cells (or that's what my high school geography teacher tried to teach me. I think.) The same applies to the business environment and all of us in this very trying and complex period.

For some industries, this is a perfect time to get to those projects that you couldn't because of the normal operational issues that pop up, or because of the concern around business disruption. Well boy has the landscape shifted now!

Wanting to decommission your old Exchange servers? Now is probably the time. Want to move to a Cloud PBX, can't think of a better time or reason. Need to get your backup and DR plans documented and implemented? Certainly a good time to do that!

As a business, Velocity Group is still very much open to assist our customers in driving Hybrid IT, Cloud, Security, Networking and Backup projects in this time period. As a consequence of the measures put in place to counter COVID 19, we wil llikely not be able to deliver any physical infrastructure and hardware related items. We will however be be ensuring our team is available to have Virtual Workshops with you and to assist remotely with your technology needs.

If you do need any assistance whatsoever, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website contact page.

Stay Safe!